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Fidget Objects

This series looks at how we (knowingly or unknowingly) project our anxieties through objects; habitual actions such as fiddling with something in our hands or clicking our pens. All of the works in this series can be fiddled with; the buttons clicked and the switches flicked. By interacting with the objects we might be able to view them as representative of a collective human experience; a collective mood. 


The objects resemble the form and function of everyday objects such as buttons and light switches. They are hand fabricated; made from enamel on copper and micro-welded mild steel, combined with found domestic materials such as carpet. The pieces feel familiar; similar to the plastic, mass produced objects we see in our day-to-day lives. Yet, the soft materials and fleshy colours place them somewhere in between the everyday and the corporeal. 


The objects in themselves become a means to project anxiety but also reference the close relationship between anxiety and the body. 

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