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Technology has allowed human beings to be more connected than ever before. However, as we increasingly favour virtual networks, a decrease in face-to-face connection may be leading us to feel detached and disconnected. 


The piece resembles a common computer keyboard. We can interact with it, performing an everyday action and hearing a familiar ‘click’ sound. I hope that through this interaction, we might reflect on how to use technology more mindfully; to create new social practices that better serve our needs as human beings.


Keyboard can also be transformed from an impersonal object to one of the most personal; jewellery. It becomes both wearable and interactive, encouraging a physical connection between wearer and viewer. As a neckpiece, Keyboard reminds us of the importance of face-to-face interactions within our relationships and communities. Moreover, it questions how we can better use technology as a tool to facilitate this.

Aphra Cheesman Keyboard 4.jpg
Aphra Cheesman Keyboard 2.jpg
Aphra Cheesman Keyboard 1.jpg
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