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Aphra Cheesman (b. 1989)



2020 – 2020        BA (Fine Art Honours) Gold and Silversmithing, RMIT, Melbourne,                                              Australia.

2016 – 2018           BA (Fine Art) Gold and Silversmithing, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.

2014 – 2016           Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Based Design, Melbourne                                        Polytechnic, Melbourne, Australia.

Selected Exhibitions

2022     Handshake 7 Jewellery from New Zealand, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, NL. 

2022     Whānui, Group show, The National, Christchurch, NZ. 

2022     Third Story, group show, Gallery Funaki, Melbourne AU. 

2022     Morph, HS6 final show, North Art, Auckland, NZ. 

2022     Talente, Munich, DE.

2022     Glimmer, HS6, Whirinaki Whare Taonga, Wellington, NZ.

2022     Mass Reduction, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, AU.

2022     Containment-Uncontained, collaboration between Handshake project, Dialogue                    Collective and Temp Contemp Gallery, Pah Homestead, Auckland, NZ. 

2021      Unbounded, Radiant Pavilion Biennial, Melbourne, AU.

2021      Containment-Uncontained, collaboration between Handshake project, Dialogue                     Collective and Temp Contemp Gallery, for Radiant Pavilion Biennial, Melbourne,                     AU. 

2021      Rendering Jewellery and Objects, Assembly Point, Melbourne, AU 

2020     National Contemporary Jewellery Awards, Griffith Regional Art Gallery, Griffith,                     AU. 

2020     Signing In, Handshake 6, Te Auaha, Wellington, NZ. 

2020     Handshake 6, Weasel Gallery, Hamilton, NZ. 

2020     Inaugural Exhibition, INTRO Gallery, Amsterdam, NL.  

2019      O, TempContemp Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. 

2019      Victorian Craft Awards, Craft Victoria, Melbourne, AU.

2019      Profile 19’, Australian Design Centre, Sydney, Australia.

2019      Marzee International Graduate Show, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

2019      Consequences, Brunswick Street Gallery, Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne, Australia. 

2019      Fresh! Graduate Exhibition, Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. 

2018      RMIT BA (Fine Art) Graduate Exhibition, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. 

2018      Wonderenamel, First Site Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. 

2017       Graduate Metal XV, First Site gallery, Melbourne, Australia. 

2017       Around The Table, Assembly point, Melbourne, Australia. 

2017       Victorian Craft Awards, Craft Vitoria, Melbourne, Australia. 

2016       FORM Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma Graduate Exhibition, Red                           Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. 



2022      Winner - Talente, Gestaltungspreise. 

2020      Winner - Emily Hope Award, RMIT.  

2020      Winner - Joel Elenberg Prize, RMIT.

2020      Finalist - National Contemporary Jewellery Awards, Griffith Regional Art Gallery. 

2019       Finalist - Victorian Craft Awards, Craft Victoria. 

2019       Finalist - Profile 19, JMGA, Australian Design Centre.  

2019       Selected for - Gallery Marzee International Graduate Show, Gallery Marzee.

2019       Winner - Future Leaders Award, Craft Victoria Fresh! Exhibition. 

2018       Winner - Frank Klepner Memorial Award for Limited Series Jewellery, RMIT. 

2018       Winner - Koodak Award for Top 3rd year student, RMIT.

2017        Finalist - Victorian Craft awards, Craft Victoria.

2017        Finalist - Graduate XV Metal, RMIT.

2016        Winner - AJS Graduate Award, Melbourne Polytechnic Advance Diploma of                            Jewellery and Object Design. 


Collaborations, community involvement, volunteer roles and grants 

2022       Round, Round, Round artist talk at Objectspace, Auckland NZ. 

2022       Member Handshake 7. 

2021        Member of Handshake/Dialogue Collective/Temp Contemp Gallery collaboration 

2021        Recipient of City of Melbourne Grant for Unbounded collaborative project. 

2021        Recipient of Australian Council for the Arts Grant for Unbounded collaborative                        project.

2021       Artist talk and panel discussion, In Collaboration, Craft Victoria 

2020-1  Member of Handshake 6 with Mentor Lisa Walker.

2019        Volunteer at TempContemp Gallery, Melbourne.

2019        Artist Talk, Fresh!, Craft Victoria 

2016-19  Volunteer running jewellery classes at SisterWorks 

2016-18  Volunteer at Seventh Gallery, Melbourne 

2013-22  Craft Victoria member


Collections + Publications 


W.E McMillian Collection RMIT

Gallery Collection, TempContemp Gallery

New Bracelets: 400+ Contemporary Jewellery Designs, Ed. Nicolas Estrada

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